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Do Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise?

  • Guardian Screens
  • 24 Jan 2017
Do Plantation Shutters Reduce Noise? image

Living in an area with high noise pollution can be an extremely frustrating part of your everyday life. The sound of cars going by and pedestrian conversation should stay outside of your home.

Fortunately, you don’t need to pack up your things and sell your house to combat noise pollution. In fact, there is a much simpler solution that provides plenty of other benefits!

Plantation shutters are proven to reduce noise in your home, as well as provide a stylish solution for privacy, security, light and ventilation.

Shutters over Curtains for Noise Control

Most people choose blinds or curtains as their window covering, but if you’re struggling with noise control, fabrics won’t do nearly as much as solid, fitted window shutters. Heavy curtains will only muffle the external noise, while plantation shutters will prevent noise from entering the room at all.

Shutters are installed to fit into the recess of the window, meaning there are no gaps for noise to emanate. Many people choose wood or vinyl shutters, but aluminium plantation shutters provide the same aesthetic appeal and practical function, as well as a better barrier against noise.

Flexibility and Control

One of the main benefits to aluminium plantation shutters is that they are made of moveable slats. These slats allow you to control the amount of light, air and sound that enters your room. You are not limited to keeping them completely closed, but rather, you can open and close the slats at varying degrees to suit your needs.

Block out Noise in Windows, Doors and Patios

The great thing about plantation shutters is that they can be custom made to suit practically any opening. You can install them over windows and doors to block out the noise and create a more secure environment, or you can use them as a patio enclosure that serves the same purpose while presenting you with an aesthetically pleasing and functional barrier.

Function Meets Style

No matter what kind of window or door you have, plantation shutters can serve their purpose by being fit to match. Casement windows, for example, are notoriously difficult to fit with a covering. However, plantation shutters can accommodate this window shape, as well as sliding, hinged, bi-fold and stacker doors. This is a practical window shutter that serves its purpose and does it in style.

Overall Safety

Aluminium lockable plantation shutters also provide you with ultimate privacy and security. The aluminium finish can withstand the harsh Australian conditions, and the shutters pass Australian safety standards, including the N5 Wind Test and the AS 5039 test, which includes an impact test and a pull test.

CTA: Turn off the noise by installing lockable plantation shutters in your Brisbane home.
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